Why register my club?
By registering your club, your club will have a spot on the map for all to see.
My club does not have a logo.
We have a default logo. If you want to update the logo for your club, email us in the contact tab.
I finished registering my club, how come it isn’t shown on the map?
Please allow one business day for all registrations to be reflected on the map.
My club doesn’t have a URL.
If your club has a facebook page, group page, or some other social media page, use that URL.
I see events listed on the map, how can I register my club’s events?
These are events of clubs throughout the country who are connected to the Ford Performance Outreach program, or using the Stage 2 of the Ford Performance Club Connect Template.
Where can I get more information on the Club Connect Template?
Finish registering your club, and fill in the checkbox to with interest in the Template, or go to http://template.fpclubconnect.com.
How much does the Ford Performance Club Connect Template cost?
Templates start at free with Stage 1, and range up to $49.95 per month for Stage 3 depending on features